Tube grinding and polishing

ASDK Engineering offers abrasive polishing and grinding of external surface of round, oval and ellipse shaped tubes.

We have high-efficiency belt disk sander with self-feed, ensuring fast and smooth polishing and grinding of straight tubes. Our machine can also process bent sections of a tube.

Cauruļu slīpēšana un pulēšana

This machine can achieve high-output in a possibly shortest time for affordable price.

Specification of disc sander machine:

  • Tube diameter range from 10 to 115 mm
  • Self-feed 1-5 m/min

Tube grinding and polishing.

We have additional adjusting tools for local processing of tubes' sections at the same time processing ready-made items and separate hard-to-reach sections.

For polishing and grinding we use 3M trizact abrasive belts with grit size between A160 and A6 (P120 and P2500). These belts ensure efficient and good quality processing of a surface due to a unique structure of the grinding agent, which, depending on wear, releases new abrasive crystals which, in its turn, leads to a quick and smooth finishing.

Grinding of metal
mechanical treatment of metal surface, thus removing considerable uneven areas and all defects.

Polishing of metal
processing leads to smooth and clean surface of a metal, conferring also shiny and glossy finish.

Please note:

To calculate cost of tube grinding, we accept vector files in the following formats:

.dxf, .dwg or 3D model (.STEP, .X_T, .STL)

.dxf, .dwg or 3D model (.STEP, .X_T, .STL)

3D model (.SLDPRT, .STEP, .X_T, .STL,)

3D model (.STEP, .X_T,) or (.JPG, .JPEG, .STL)

Drawing requirements:

Scal must be 1:1
All objects has be converted into curves and sizes are in millimetres (mm).
Make sure that file does not have fills, raster images, open and overlaid contours, double lines and dots
The contour of the cut in the file must be displayed in the front view (not in mirrored).
It is desirable to specify text explanations to the order in the file
Additional charge may be applied if file needs rework

Call or email us and we always ready to provide free of charge consultancy on your questions of interest that regards CNC material processing and choosing suitable material for your product. Our services are not limited only with CNC processing, but we also offer you advertisement, furniture or any other construction assembly.


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