Welding services

SIA ASDK Engineering offers professional services in one of the most demanded types of metal-working – welding works. One of the main advantages is welding shop that equipped with latest welding equipment and 3D assembly table.


Professional welding services

Professional welding services

One of the main advantages is welding shop that equipped with latest welding equipment and 3D assembly table. 

Welding equipment have calibration certificate.

  • AC/DC TIG 350A (GTAW)
  • MIG/MAG 500A (GMAW)
  • MIG/MAG 300A (GMAW)

Constructional steel

Low-alloy steel

Aluminium and it alloys

Non-ferrous metals

Designing boats

Designing and welding of aluminium boats.


Production of signboards.

Designing sports buggies

Designing and welding of sports buggies.


Flanges, brackets, clamps.

Building structures

Designing and welding of building structures.

Commercial equipment

Commercial equipment elements.

TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas welding — Arc welding with non-melting tungsten electrode in the protective inert gas atmosphere. Main advantage of TIG welding to other types of welding is achievement of high-quality weld seams and welding at relatively low temperature, therefore, it is possible to weld both thick and thin metal materials with thickness from 0.5 mm using this type of welding, which provides for ultraprecision of welding and is an important factor in case of delicate works, especially in case of welding aluminium.

TIG (DC), direct current, used for steels.

TIG (AC), alternating current, used for aluminium alloys.

Pluses and minuses of TIG method

+ Neat weld seam

+ No slag
+ No splashes
+ Welding of parts of small thickness
+ Better control of arc parameters

- Rigorous requirements towards operator’s experience
- Low productivity


Metal Inert/Active Gas – arc welding with melting metal electrode (wire) in inert/active gas environment with mechanized supply of the filler wire. This semiautomatic welding in the protective gas environment is the most universal welding method prevailing in the industry.

Advantages of MIG/MAG method 

MIG-MAG welding (with gas) 
+ High productivity
+ No slag
+ Small amount of smoke


Pulse Arc

Has Spray Arc advantages (speed of melting and absence of splashes) at low current typical for Short Arc. Excellent welding of stainless steel, aluminium and alloys of small thickness of materials.

Pulse on Pulse Arc

Pulses with two adjustable current levels, excellent temperature control and provision of good appearance of weld seam.

Our team carries out entrusted to us, welding, work skillfully and in time, relieving you, as a customer, from possible problems. We can prepare and correct drawings. We can suggest how to optimize and efficiently produce your product.

Please note:

To calculate cost of welding services, we accept vector files in the following formats:

dxf, .dwg vai 3D model (.STEP, .X_T, .STL)

dxf, .dwg vai 3D model (.STEP, .X_T, .STL)

3D model (.SLDPRT, .STEP, .X_T, .STL,)

3D model (.STEP, .X_T,) vai (.JPG, .JPEG, .STL)

Drawing requirements:

Scal must be 1:1
All objects has be converted into curves and sizes are in millimetres (mm).
Make sure that file does not have fills, raster images, open and overlaid contours, double lines and dots
The contour of the cut in the file must be displayed in the front view (not in mirrored).
It is desirable to specify text explanations to the order in the file
Additional charge may be applied if file needs rework

Call or email us and we always ready to provide free of charge consultancy on your questions of interest that regards CNC material processing and choosing suitable material for your product. Our services are not limited only with CNC processing, but we also offer you advertisement, furniture or any other construction assembly.


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